Saturday, January 28, 2023

India’s first solar powered car, will be charged in 45 minutes, will run 250km

Solar Cars in India: Many special types of vehicles have been introduced at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023 in Greater Noida. Pune-based startup Vayve Mobility claims to have introduced India’s first Solar Car (EVA). Inside this car, 2 people and 1 child can sit. The car’s ability to run up to 250 km on a full charge in 45 minutes makes it unique.

It is a battery-operated single-door car. It looks similar to the Tata Nano in size. Actually, it is an electric car only. But interestingly, you can opt for solar roof panels that can be mounted on top of the car. The solar roof helps in charging, for which the car needs to be parked in the open. The company will sell the solar roof separately.

At present, it is a prototype. This electric vehicle is currently undergoing testing and could go on sale in early 2024. A 6 kW liquid-cooled electric motor that can provide 16 hp of power and 40 Nm of peak torque powers it. A 14 kWh battery pack is available in the electric/solar car. This car gives a range of 250 km on a single charge. It has a 15A socket for charging.

This car can be charged from a home socket in 4 hours. Through the combined charging system, it can be charged 80 percent in 45 minutes. The car gets a single seat in the front and a slightly bigger seat in the rear. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for connectivity. Next year, EVA will be introduced by Wave Mobility in Bangalore and Pune. Prices and car reservations will be disclosed later.

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