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Gurgaon will host the G-20 conference from From March 1 to 4, with 39 nations participating

The G-20 conference of the Anti-Corruption Group will take place in Gurugram between March 1 and 4. Representatives from 39 countries are expected to be present at the conference. In the days leading up to the program, decorations works are carried out in large quantities throughout the city.

G-20 conference

The city is set to welcome guests to the G-20 Summit

to be held in the Millennium City from March 1 until 4. Hoardings are being erected throughout the city. G-20-related slogans and messages can be found on bus stop shelters. City buses as well as Volvo buses that travel on interstate routes are painted in G-20 conference related messages and slogans.

G-20 conference

The first anti-corruption meeting of the working group

will be held during the G-20 summit at Hotel Leela in Gurugram. It is evident that the hotel is enthusiastic about welcoming foreign guests. Welcoming messages are popping up everywhere. Hello to Gurugram which is the pride of Haryana and catchy slogans such as “Big Responsibility Big Ambition can be seen in both English as well as Hindi languages.

G-20 conference

Deputy commissioner Gurgram confirmed that participants from 39 nations

are expected to be part of the conference. The ways to combat corruption in their nations will be reviewed. How much of the measures have worked in preventing corruption, and how to improve their effectiveness will be discussed. In addition, G-20 nations will attempt to take lessons from each other’s experiences.

G-20 conference

The outcomes of this discussion will then be made available

to the participating nations and international organizations. Millennium City is set to receive guests at the G-20 conference which is to be held between March 1 and 4. Hoardings are being erected throughout the city. G-20-related messages and slogans are able to be seen on bus shelters. City buses as well as Volvo buses that travel on interstate routes are embellished by themes from the G-20 theme.

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