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Chitrangada Singh with a lovely face and excellent acting has been waiting for a hit for years

It is said that no one receives anything more than luck. One gets as much as is written in his destiny. Chitrangada Singh, a Bollywood actress, may have experienced a similar situation. That’s why even after being beautiful and talented, she could not achieve that position in the film world, which every actor aspires for.

Chitrangada Singh

Chitrangada Singh has completed 18 years in Bollywood industry.

The actress entered the film world in the year 2005. Her debut film was ‘Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi’. But neither the film was successful nor she.

Chitrangada Singh

In a career of 18 years,

Chitrangada Singh has only a handful of films, in which most of the flicks were poorly trounced at the box office. Chitrangada produced a string of failures.

Chitrangada Singh

Kal: Yesterday and Tomorrow, the actress’ second movie, likewise received a terrible reception. Other films that underperformed at the box office include Sorry Bhai (2008), Inkaar (2013), I Me Aur Main (2013), Munna Michael (2017), and Bazaar (2018).

Chitrangada Singh

In her film career, Chitrangada Singh gained the majority

of her notoriety from the item song “Kundi Na Khadkao Raja, Sidha Andar Aao Raja.” Her career was boosted by this song in addition to gaining him exposure. However, Chitrangada could not make the name she deserves.

Chitrangada Singh

Few people are aware that Chitrangada Singh was married prior to her career in movies. After marriage, she embarked on the journey of becoming a heroine, which affected both her personal and professional life.

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