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Don’t Buy Motorola! said furious customers after buying this phone

The majority of individuals in India only purchase a new smartphone after their old one is damaged or the battery begins to deplete quickly. He looks for a new phone online by earning money in some other way. On paper, phones appear attractive, but in fact, they are quite different. Such a phone is certain to become upset if you obtain it after investing your hard-earned money. The same thing is taking place with Motorola’s mobile devices. Purchasing Motorola phones has been a mistake for many people. One customer even advised others never to get a Motorola smartphone.


Odd issues with the Moto G73

Anil Singh purchased a Moto G73 smartphone from Motorola. Strange difficulties began to appear on the phone the very next day after the purchase. He tweeted, “I have to mention with great regret that the battery of my handset Moto G73 is draining extremely quickly and the hitting problem is also coming,” tagging Motorola in the tweet. The quality of the camera is likewise poor. For instance, it makes the lips pink when taking pictures. Motorola India’s official page made the comment, “Don’t know why,” but was unable to offer a resolution.


Problems with Motorola phones’ cameras and batteries

Vishnu is a Twitter user. On March 28, ps tweeted, “I will never get a Motorola phone. My final Motorola phone is this one (Moto 20 Fusion). It has turned out to be a complete disaster, particularly the camera and battery.


Consumer: “Brand has lost integrity.”

A user by the name of Himanshu Panda tagged Motorola in a post that read, “Today I want to discuss a real-life difficulty that I had.” Motorola phones should be known to people. The brand’s integrity has now been compromised. My old phone was getting heated, so I bought a new one. Once they have your hard-earned money, they are free to treat you any way they choose. Be watchful and alert.

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