Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Whatsapp brings a new feature which created a buzz on the social media

This year, WhatsApp will begin introducing a number of new features. A new side-by-side’ functionality for WhatsApp is reportedly being rolled out on Android tablets for certain beta testers. According to Wabetainfo, this feature will provide users more control over the WhatsApp UI on their Android tablets by enabling them to navigate between conversations without losing track of their ongoing discussions.


What is this new feature?

By visiting WhatsApp Settings and turning off the available setting in chats, users can also stop using the side-by-side view. In particular, on devices with smaller screens, the side-by-side view can reduce each chatter’s area.


The side-by-side view in the app can also be disabled by

users in order to have a wider chat interface. As a result, users will be able to speak with friends and family on the platform in a larger, more immersive way. In addition, it was said in the report that this capability would be made available to even more people in the following days.


In the meantime, WhatsApp has announced that

its multi-device login functionality will allow users to log in with the same WhatsApp account from multiple phones. Now, users can connect one of four additional devices, including their phone. According to the firm, this update has begun rolling out to users worldwide and will be accessible to everyone in the ensuing weeks.

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