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ChatGPT app available for iPhone users in India! know how to download

The company stated that India now has access to the ChatGPT iPhone app. After the software was first made available in the US, 11 more countries downloaded it this month. According to OpenAI, the company that developed the iOS app, it is currently being distributed in over 30 countries. It was previously announced by the company that the ChatGPT Android app wouldn’t be available immediately away.


Users may find the ChatGPT app’s

mobile version to be quite helpful for accessing information when on the go. On PC, Android, and iOS platforms, ChatGPT is still accessible via the web, however, an app often provides a smoother user experience.


A brief test of the app by India Today Tech

revealed a straightforward user experience. It goes without saying that you may download it for nothing from the Apple App Store. Nevertheless, during our brief test, the app kept crashing. Similar to the web version, the app enables users to access the history of their chats. If users don’t want OpenAI to use their chat history to train the GPT language model, they can disable the Chat History and Training option.


It provides the same features as the web version,

other than that. Users can ask queries, and ChatGPT will answer them and offer solutions in a conversational manner. Additionally capable of reviewing computer code and solving math issues is the AI chatbot. Users can also subscribe to ChatGPT Plus through OpenAI to make use of an enhanced ChatGPT. Users will see quicker results, support for plugins, and no waiting. Additionally, the business is testing a feature that would allow users to upload images, and ChatGPT may recognize certain aspects of the image. Users can find it beneficial to comprehend specific portions or make comprehensive lists.


It’s interesting that the ChatGPT app

offers an upgrade to GPT Plus, but the cost is $1,999 in Indian Rupees. The pricing is only displayed in US dollars ($20) on the web version. The web version of ChatGPT, which was released to the public late last year, has since become one of the most well-liked software debuts. As the fastest-growing platform in the world, the chatbot swiftly surpassed Instagram and TikTok, registering 100 million users in the first two months after its launch. OpenAI, the company that created the bot Dall-E, also created the text-to-image generator.

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