Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Salman Khan & Ranveer Singh attracted a crowd to AP Dhillon’s screening

A Punjabi-Canadian rapper and musician gave a late-night Mumbai screening of his upcoming web series, “AP Dhillon: First of a Kind.” Many Bollywood and television stars attended this event. which saw Mrinal Thakur’s appearance and Salman Khan entrance steal the show. View the images from this showing that have been shared on social media.

Salman Khan

At the web series premiere,

Salman Khan appeared sporting a stylish ensemble. Salman’s dramatic entrance attracted all of the attention. On the occasion, the actor was spotted wearing a grey T-shirt and black pants. Rapper AP Dhillon entered and immediately struck a fierce posture with Salman Khan.

Salman Khan

In addition to Salman Khan,

Ranveer Singh attended the event. Ranveer arrived at the event with loose-fitting trousers and a white coat. Additionally, posturing ferociously while donning goggles.

Salman Khan

Rapper and singer AP Dhillon struck a ferocious pose alongside Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan. Salman appeared to be under a lot of pressure during this.

Salman Khan

Actress Mrinal Thakur, who came to Bollywood through TV,

appeared on this particular occasion donning a form-fitting green frock. The actress’s outfit features a deep neck from the front, and Mrinal can be seen striking a fierce attitude for the camera while donning it.

Salman Khan

Avneet Kaur also showed up dressed

in a colorful short top and black tight-fitting trousers. With this top, the actress used a new hairdo that makes her look even more stunning.

Salman Khan

Let us inform you that singer-rapper AP Dhillon recently posted some images while promoting the song “With You Song,” and as a result, he became the subject of controversy. The rapper was mocked for wearing these sneakers because he was seen wearing them in these images.

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