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These 5 rules will directly affect your monthly budget! to be implemented from 1 Oct

The beginning of October will see some changes, just like every other first of the month. Some of these adjustments will have a noticeable financial impact on your budget. It is crucial that you are aware of these changes as a result. In order to prevent any problems for you, we will inform you of these changes that will take place in October.


The two thousand rupee note is no longer in use.

The deadline to swap it in the bank is September 30. You won’t be able to swap a Rs. 2000 note starting on October 1. The notes must be exchanged by September 30, 2023, at the latest. Following that, the Rs 2000 will become invalid.


The oil firms also alter the cost of CNG-PNG in addition to LPG.

ATF rates often vary on the first of every month. This time around, it’s possible that ATF costs will move in tandem with CNG-PNG pricing.


For individuals who intend to travel abroad, this is major news.

From October 1, international travel will cost more. Yes, starting on October 1 you will need to pay 5% TCX for travel packages costing up to Rs 7 lakh. In addition, 20% of TCS must be paid for tour packages costing more than Rs 7 lakh. It’s critical that you carefully manage your travel budget in such circumstances.


You must link your PPF, and Post Office Savings Plan.

And Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana to your Aadhaar by September 30. Your account could be frozen as of October 1 if you fail to do this. In other words, you won’t be able to use your account to make any form of transaction or investment. As a result, it’s crucial to promptly link your financial accounts to Aadhaar.


For the entire month of October, banks will be closed.

Your banking work will be affected by these holidays. In accordance with RBI regulations, banks will be closed on public holidays in every city. In addition, there will be a few state-specific regional holidays.

Read More: These big decisions may be taken in the next GST Council meeting on 7 Oct

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