Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Buy these things on Dhanteras according to zodiac signs for luck

Dhanteras is a particularly favorable event for shopping. Bring home something auspicious for you on this day; be aware of what to buy based on your zodiac sign.


Those who are Libras

are fortunate to purchase diamond jewels, fragrances, and cosmetics this Dhanteras. However, remember not to purchase iron goods.



Purchase red clothing, real estate, or a house on this Dhatteras of Scorpio; it will bring you luck. However, avoid purchasing black clothing on Dhatteras for this zodiac sign.



Purchasing metal items, real estate, homes, and other items on Dhanteras will be fortunate for Sagittarius individuals. But avoid purchasing cosmetics and furniture.



Purchasing items crafted from gold will be fortunate for Capricorn individuals. However, avoid purchasing yellow items and clothing on this Dhatteras.


The Aquarius During Dhanteras,

it will be fortunate for Aquarius people to purchase cars and stationery. Remember that Aquarians should avoid purchasing iron-based products on Dhanteras.


On the day of Dhanteras

Pisces, it will be auspicious for you to purchase gold, silver, diamonds, and topaz. However, Pisces individuals ought to avoid purchasing aluminum products.

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