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Date of birth on an Aadhaar card can be changed only these many times

Every Indian has an Aadhaar card, which serves as their unique identification. Without one, they are unable to undertake basic everyday tasks like opening a bank account, using government services, applying for loans, being admitted to college, or purchasing a home. Your job may stop in the middle if the Aadhaar card has incorrect information about you. There are basic restrictions that apply to everyone, whether it’s altering your name or your birthdate. They are not able to be fixed repeatedly. Their upper bound has already been established. We will explain the procedures if you would like to change your name or date of birth in your Aadhaar.

Aadhaar card

It is possible to change one’s name and birthdate multiple times.

Aadhar card holders are limited to two name changes per lifetime. In addition to this, the Aadhar card has information regarding the date of birth. There are only two opportunities in life to modify one’s birthdate. Only one gender update per Aadhaar card is permitted. The limit for updating all of this data is set by UIDAI.

Aadhaar card

How to submit a request to alter your name

To modify your name on your Aadhaar card, first go to the UIDAI official website ( and log in. You will then need to enter the captcha code and Aadhaar number. Next, an OTP will be sent to the phone number linked to the Aadhar card. Click Proceed to Update Aadhaar after that. Select the name change option after the new page opens, then scan and attach the necessary documents. Submit next, then choose the transmit OTP option. An OTP will then be sent to your mobile number. The application procedure will be concluded when inputting the OTP.

Aadhaar card

If you don’t have a registered cellphone number, nothing will change.

Having the correct mobile number on the Aadhar card is essential for updating any information. You will receive an OTP on your registered cellphone number when you make changes to your UID card. It is not possible to update any information, including name, address, etc., without providing this OTP.

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