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From income tax exemption to Fastag KYC do these 10 tasks by March to avoid trouble

We are currently in the final month of the fiscal year 2023–2024. March is full of critical things for you to get done from income tax exemption to Fastag KYC. If you don’t finish these crucial duties by March 31st, you can face more issues—or worse, financial hardship. The new fiscal year will start at the end of March, so you will have a lot of financial responsibilities, including income tax exemption to Fastag KYC, to finish before the end of the month. This deadline can land you in trouble. Some are so important that if you do not complete them in March, you may have to pay a penalty and your account may be suspended.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYC

You can update your Aadhaar

for free till March 14th if you would like to. You will then need to pay a fee to update your Aadhaar. Allow us to inform you that your ten-year-old Aadhar card needs to be updated.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYCOn March 15,

the Reserve Bank of India issued an order to cease the majority of Paytm Payment Bank’s services. You won’t be able to access Paytm Payment Bank’s services after this. You should link your Paytm wallet to a different bank right away if you utilize Paytm Payment Bank’s services, your account, or wallet is tied to Paytm Payment Bank. If Paytm Payment Bank receives your salary, promptly update another bank.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYC

The final day to invest in SBI Amrit Kalash

is March 31, 2024. You will receive 7.10 percent interest on this FD for 400 days. In contrast, 7.60 percent of interest is paid to senior persons.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYC

It’s crucial to retain

a minimal amount in your small savings account, such as a Public Provident Fund (PPF) or Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, to keep it active. Up until March 31st, you must keep a minimum amount in your PPF and Sukanya Scheme accounts. After March 31, accounts with no balance may be closed. You might need to pay a penalty and visit the bank to reactivate it.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYC

You have until

March 31 to save tax for the fiscal year 2022–2023 if you would like to. You can take advantage of Section 80C of the Income Tax exemption by investing in various savings plans. You have till March 31st to invest in this.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYC

The Reserve Bank of India’s

guidelines state that after March 15, Paytm Fastag won’t function. The FASTag feature on Paytm will be unavailable after March 15. Following March 15, your Fastag can be deactivated. You might be required to pay double toll tax if this occurs.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYC

The Fastag KYC is now required.

Get your Fastag KYC completed right away if you haven’t already. For Fastag without KYC will be terminated or blacklisted after March 31. Even though you still have money in Fastag, you won’t be able to make payments after this.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYCThe deadline for special FD has been maintained

at March 31 by IDBI Bank. Interest rates under this special FD are 7.05%, 7.01%, and 7.25% for FDs with durations of 300, 375, and 444 days, respectively.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYCYou only have until March 31

to take advantage of the home loan discount. SBI offers a special program for home loan discounts. However, only individuals with CIBIL scores between 700 and 800 will be eligible for this scheme’s benefits. The bank is offering him a home loan with an interest rate of 8.60 percent. Without an offer, the SBI home loan rate is 9.15%.

income tax exemption to Fastag KYCMarch 15

is the deadline for paying the fourth installment of advance tax for the fiscal year 2023–2024.

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