Tuesday, December 12, 2023


Apple iPhone 12 price in India is one of the highest across the world. Despite this, the company does give some additional profits if the user thinks to buy an iPhone through Apple’s official store. One of the most important advantages of doing so is the option of trade-in. Apple gives an amazing discount on exchanging old phones. For iPhone 12 Pro, the company is giving a discount of up to ₹34,000. The range of discounts will change according to the smartphone being purchased.

Apple iPhone also has a listing of some amazing phones and their benefits when opted for trade-in. In order to understand your smartphone’s worth by Apple’s trade-in option. The user will have to respond to a few questions during the process of purchase.

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Apple will ask for the serial number of the Phone that needs to be replaced. In case the user thinks to exchange an Android smartphone, they will have to enter the IMEI code. After all the process, the user will be asked questions about the storage and general condition of the Phone. Once the user answers all the questions, they will get a price that will be decreased from the final buying price of the new iPhone.

Once the purchase has been done using the trade-in option Apple will also give directions to serve the user’s smartphone for trade-in. When the delivery staff arrives, he/she will run a distinguishing test and verify the condition of the smartphone on the spot. If everything goes right, the trade-in and purchase are complete.

If the smartphone doesn’t pass the distinguishing test or the condition doesn’t match what was specified. The user will need to pay back the whole trade-in credit in order to get the new iPhone.



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