Thursday, February 2, 2023


The Pension Fund restrictive and Development Authority (PFRDA) has planned to supply an extra choice to exit from the National Pension theme (NPS) through ‘Self-authorization’ by e-NPS subscribers. during this method, subscribers having a corpus up to ₹10 lakh in their NPS accounts ought to offer offline Aadhaar details for associate degree exit.

These subscribers also can exit via an online and offline method by visiting the NSDL web site or by filling up the physical withdrawal kind and submitting it to the several Nodal Office/Point of Presence (POP) United Nations agency can initiate the web withdrawal request on their behalf, severally. usually, your PoP is your bank.

Currently, subscribers will open NPS accounts by using the offline Aadhaar method. And now, as per the circular, issued on December twenty-two, 2020, the PFRDA has determined to create the exit method a lot of agile. underneath the method, the e-NPS subscribers with a corpus up to ₹10 lakh in their NPS accounts, will furnish their offline Aadhaar details for the exit, in compliance with PFRDA’s exit rules.

The process of ‘self authorization’ using offline Aadhaar can facilitate NPS subscribers exist from the scheme simply. As per the circular, the PFRDA states the subsequent process:

1. The subscriber has to login into the CRA system mistreatment their PRAN and I-PIN.

2. choose the exit menu and supply the main points viz allocation of the corpus, regular payment Service supplier (ISP) details, regular payment theme, etc.

3. Bank details are shown in non-editable mode. different details like subscriber name, gender, father name, address details are auto-populated in non-editable mode.

4. Document transfer: Subscriber can upload KYC documents, withdrawal documents, bank proof, etc.

5. E-sign authentication: when providing all the main points, the subscriber can e-sign.

6. Generation of acknowledgment ID: On submission of the exit request, acknowledgment ID is provided to the subscriber.

7. Self-Authorization option: If the corpus is below ₹10 lakh, then the Self-Authorization possibility is provided to the subscriber.

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8. If a subscriber opts for ‘Self-authorization’, the below method is followed:

a. Subscriber can transfer the offline Aadhaar XML File from the UIDAI website. UIDAI Link and facilitate page are provided to the subscriber for transfer of offline Aadhaar XML File.

b. transfer the offline Aadhaar XML get in the CRA system and supply the Aadhaar Share Code, mobile variety, and email ID.

c. CRA system can validate the Aadhaar Share Code and mobile variety with the offline Aadhaar XML file.

d. Subscriber name in CRA records ought to match Aadhaar.

e. when successful validation, the self-authorization withdrawal request is accepted within the CRA system for execution.

f. ‘Instant Bank Acct verification’ through penny drop are undertaken by CRAs and therefore the value is borne by the several subscribers.

9. CRA system can offer the subscriber’s details to the involved regular payment Service supplier or ASP (the nondepository financial institution you’ve got chosen to pay the annuity).

10.ASP can issue the regular payment policy to the subscribers and can transfer the regular payment details within the CRA system.

What to try and do if you’ve got a corpus of more than ₹10 lakh?

For e-NPS Subscribers United Nations agencies corpus is more than ₹10 lakh yet as for the subscribers who square measure related to POPs (Points of Presence), an internet platform has recently been enabled. during this method, the exit requests of all citizen/corporate sector subscribers would be verified by POPs, whereas exits of e-NPS subscribers (not related to any POP) would be verified by their several banks that square measure registered as POPs with PFRDA, the circular expressed.



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