Friday, May 27, 2022

Old Aged citizens special Fixed Deposit Scheme of HDFC Bank, ICICI, Bank of Baroda ends next week

Topmost banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, and Bank of Baroda (BoB) offer additional interest rates over the current rates on fixed deposits (FD) applicable for Old Aged citizens. Among the Covid-19 pandemic, this special FD scheme was presented in May last year. The scheme was extended twice. The special scheme for old-aged citizens will end on 31 March for HDFC Bank, ICICI, and BoB according to the information available on the website of these banks. Though, SBI has extended its last date till 30 June 2021.

Special FD scheme for Old Aged citizens from HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank’s special FD scheme for the old aged person is called HDFC Senior Citizen Care. HDFC offers a 75 bps more interest rate on these deposits. The interest rate applicable to the FD will be 6.25% will be effective from 13 November if an old aged citizen puts a fixed deposit under HDFC Bank Senior Citizen Care FD

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Special FD scheme for Old Aged citizens from ICICI Bank 

ICICI Bank’s special FD scheme for old-aged citizens is known as ICICI Bank Golden Years. ICICI offers an 80 bps more interest rate on these deposits. ICICI Bank Golden Years Fixed Deposit scheme offers old aged citizens an interest rate of 6.30% per annum which will be applicable from 21 October.

Special FD scheme for Old Aged citizens from Bank of Baroda

BOB gives 100 bps more on these deposits to old-aged citizens. If a citizen puts a fixed deposit under the special Fixed Deposit scheme (above 5 years to up to 10 years), then the interest rate applicable to the FD will be 6.25% which will be effective from 16 November.



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