Sunday, July 3, 2022

Do you want to travel by train? The new COVID-19 guidance from Indian Railways can be found here.

New Delhi, India: With COVID-19 cases on the rise across the world, it’s crucial to review all of the important guidelines before venturing out. If you’re planning a train trip in the near future, you can review the Indian Railways’ COVID-19 guidelines, which are mentioned below.

Indian Railways recently announced that on average, 1402 special train services are operated every day.

COVID-19 guidelines issued by Indian Railways:

Suneet Sharma, the chairman of the Railway Board, recently announced that a COVID-19 negative certificate is not needed for train travel. Aside from that, passengers must adhere to the most recent COVID-19 guidelines and protocols provided by the federal and state governments.

The Indian Railways stopped serving cooked food in trains and replaced it with Ready to Eat (RTE) meals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related hygiene concerns.

COVID-19-related safety products, such as masks, sanitizers, gloves, and takeaway bedroll kits/items, are now available for purchase at stations via Multi-Purpose Stalls.

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There are no plans to halt or reduce train service.

Suneet Sharma, the Chairman of the Railway Board, recently announced that there are no plans to reduce or eliminate train service. He also reassured passengers that trains are plentiful and that the railways are prepared to bring them into operation at any time.

“There are no plans to reduce or eliminate train service. We’ll have as many services as are required. There is no need to be concerned. If there is a crowd, we will run trains immediately on demand. This is a common occurrence during the summer, and we have already scheduled trains to alleviate the congestion “Sharma was quoted by the PTI news agency as saying.

On a daily basis, there are 1402 special train services.

The Indian Railways announced on April 9 that they are currently operating 1402 special train services a day on average. There are also 5381 Suburban train services and 830 Passenger train services running. Other than that, According to the Railways 28 special trains are being run as clones of famous trains with high ridership.

It also stated that additional trains would be operated in April-May 2021 to alleviate traffic congestion on the Central Railway (58 trains, 29 pairs) and the Western Railway (60 trains) (30 pairs). These trains run to high-demand destinations such as Gorakhpur, Patna, Darbhanga, Varanasi, Guwahati, Barauni, Prayagraj, Bokaro, Ranchi, and Lucknow.

Meanwhile, according to official figures released Tuesday morning (April 13, 2021), India reported more than 1.60 lakh COVID-19 cases for the second day in a row. In the last 24 hours, India has seen 1,61,736 new COVID-19 infections, 97,168 recoveries, and 879 deaths.



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