Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Black fungus is not just caused by taking too much steroids, it is also a big reason

It was previously said that those Covid patients who were given more steroids had a higher risk of black fungus. But now it is learned that steroids alone are not responsible for black fungus. 

During the Corona period, the black fungus has also started causing havoc in India. Many people are also suffering from this disease and many are also losing their lives. The seriousness of the case can be understood from the fact that many states have declared it an epidemic. In this case, everyone wants to know everything about the black fungus. Now another important piece of information has come out. It has been said that just taking more steroids does not cause anyone black fungus. 

Experts are claiming that the way in which oxygen is transported to patients in the country can also pose a risk of black fungus. It is being argued that when the cases of the corona were increasing rapidly in the country and the demand for oxygen was very high, the cleanliness of the oxygen cylinder was not given much attention. Many times they were not even disinfected. Due to this, the risk of black fungus has arisen. 

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Information has been given that black fungus is everywhere. What soil, what tree and what rotten bread, and drip pan of air conditioner, the black fungus can spread from anywhere. In this situation, experts are insisting that a lot of attention needs to be given to cleanliness and quality. Apart from this, excessive consumption of anti-fungal drugs can also prove to be dangerous, and taking steroids in large quantities can also damage health.

Cases of increasing black fungus in the country

Talking about the rising outbreak of black fungus, so far more than 7 thousand cases of this disease have been reported in the country. More than 200 of these patients have lost their lives. At the same time, Maharashtra is far ahead of other states in this case and there are record cases of black fungus coming here. Many people are losing their eyesight due to this disease, so many people are losing their jaws too. In view of the worsening situation, now the Center has also released its new guidelines regarding black fungus and has appealed to all the states to declare it an epidemic. 



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