Friday, February 3, 2023

Mutual Funds Investment: Save only Rs 500 per day! You will become a millionaire before retirement, know what to do

Mutual Funds Investment: If you do not invest just thinking that because your salary is low and you need a lot of money for investment, then remove this misconception from your mind. Neither much money is needed for investment nor the knowledge of the world. All you need is a little patience and regular investment, on the basis of which you can collect a corpus of Rs 1 crore even before retirement by saving only Rs 500 a day and spend the rest of your life happily. 

Experts give this advice on investing 

Investment advisors around the world give this advice that whenever you get your salary, you should first invest 30% of it, after that you should meet your monthly expenses with the remaining 70% salary. But usually, people do the opposite, first meeting the expenses and requirements and then thinking about investment. In such a situation, all the money goes towards expenses, and nothing is left for investment in the future. 

You can invest in mutual funds through SIP. There are different types of mutual funds based on the asset class, equity, debt, and hybrid. Investing in mutual funds is usually for those who do not have much knowledge about the stock market or who do not have the time to track the market. Therefore, by paying a small fee, they can invest in mutual fund companies. 

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500 rupees a day, will become a millionaire

Suppose you are 30 years old, your monthly salary is Rs 50,000. If you invest Rs 15000 every month in mutual funds for the next 20 years, then you can accumulate a corpus of more than 1 crore. Investment of Rs 15,000 per month means saving of Rs 500 per day. see calculation

  • Monthly SIP Rs 15000
  • Duration of investment 20 years
  • Estimated return 10%
  • Total invested Rs 36 lakh
  • Total return earned Rs 78.85 lakh
  • Net value                Rs 1.14 crore 

After doing a SIP of 15,000 for 20 years, you invest a total of Rs 36 lakh, we have taken an estimated return of 10% here. The return depends on the performance of the market, if the market performs well, then a 12 to 15 percent return can also be given, we have calculated here by assuming a return of at least 10 percent. After 20 years, when you are 50 years old, you will have a hefty amount of Rs 1.14 crore. That is, you must have become a millionaire even before retirement.

Pay attention before investing 

In which mutual fund you should invest and in which asset class how much to invest, definitely take the opinion of an expert. Because being linked to the market, the risk is also involved in it. Investment depends on your risk appetite. When you are young, your risk appetite is also high, so a major part of your investment goes into equities. As age increases, your risk appetite also decreases, so gradually some part of the investment gets transferred towards debt. Therefore, it is better to invest in the advice of an expert. The expert manages your portfolio according to your needs and goals.



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