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Coronavirus: Morning or evening, when is the vaccine more effective? This claim was made in the study

Coronavirus Vaccine: In 2016 a trial of more than 250 adults aged 65 years and older showed that those who were vaccinated for influenza in the morning (between 9 am and 11 am), their bodies were vaccinated afternoon ( Between 3 pm and 5 pm), there was a higher antibody response than those who got it.

Dublin: When microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses infect us, our immune system kicks in. It is highly trained to understand, eliminate infections and remove any damages caused by them.

What is the importance of the body clock?

Although it is generally believed that our immune system functions, in the same way, all the time, whether during the day or at night, but research going on for more than half a century shows that our body’s immune system actually responds differently during the day and night. The reason for this is our body’s natural clock or body clock. Every cell in the body, including our immune cells, can tell what time of day it is.

Body clock evolved over millions of years

Our body clock has evolved over millions of years to help us survive. Each cell of the body contains a collection of proteins that indicate the time based on their levels. Knowing whether it is day or night means that our body can adjust its actions and behaviors (such as when we want to eat) at the right time.

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Fatigue chemical is made in the body at night

Our body clock does this by generating a 24-hour rhythm (also called circadian rhythm) in the way cells function. For example, our body clock ensures that we only produce melatonin at night, as this chemical makes us tired. It signals that it is time to sleep.

Immune cells do this special job

Our immune system is made up of many different types of immune cells that constantly patrol the body in search of evidence of infection or damage, but it is our body clock that determines whether they Where are the cells located at particular times of the day?

Broadly speaking, our immune cells move into tissues during the day and then spread throughout the body at night. This circadian rhythm of immune cells may have evolved so that at times when we are most likely to be infected, immune cells are located directly in tissues to attack.

Our immune cells move around in the body at night and stop at our lymph nodes. Here they form a memory of what happened during the day, including any transitions. This ensures that they can respond better the next time they face an infection.



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