Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Modi government changed these three rules regarding pension! Got rid of lengthy paperwork

The Modi government has made the rules easy and convenient regarding the pension of Central Government Employees. Keeping in mind the difficult situation amid the Corona epidemic, the government has implemented many changes in the rules so that the retired people do not have to wander for their pension. 

Family pension will be released immediately 

On the death of a central employee, orders have been given to release the pension immediately to his family members, whereas earlier the family members had to be entangled in the paperwork for several days. But Union Minister of State Jitendra Singh has made the rules regarding family pension very easy. Now if the claim of family pension comes, then only after seeing the death certificate, the pension will be issued to the family immediately. There will be no waiting for the paperwork for this. The minister made it clear that whether the employee died due to covid or due to non-covid, in both cases this new rule will be followed. 

Easy provisional family pension rules

Apart from this, the rules of Provisional Family Pension have also been simplified. Let us tell you that under Rule 80 (A) of CCS (Pension) Rule 1972, if a government employee dies while in service, then Provisional Family Pension is issued after the documents reach the Pay and Accounts Office. It happens. But in view of the Corona epidemic, this order has been issued that pension should be started without forwarding the matter of family pension to the Pay and Accounts Office. With this, the eligible member of the family will get immediate approval of provisional pension. 

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Provisional pension now up to 1 year 

When the central employees retire, the tenure of their provision pension was earlier 6 months, which has now been increased to 1 year. Provision pension or temporary pension will continue to be available for the next 1 year from the date on which the retirement will take place. This decision has been taken in view of the increasing outbreak of the Corona epidemic. The rule of provision pension is there from the beginning, on the retirement of a government employee, provisional pension is given to him in case of emergency. Pension is fixed on his last drawn salary. However, there is no significant difference between an actual pension and a provisional pension.

Therefore, the rules of pension were simplified

Union Minister Jitendra Singh had recently announced that this pension has been arranged for 1 year from the retirement date. According to him, during the pandemic, the employees will be given provisional pension till the issue of Regular Pension Payment Order (PPO) and completion of paperwork. The same arrangement will also be applicable for family pensioners. The Union Minister of State said that due to the pandemic, it is possible that the employees may face difficulty in submitting the pension form in the office. It may also happen that the claim form along with the service book is not in a position to be submitted in the pay and account office, if both the offices are in different cities, then this problem increases. 



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