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Indane Smart Cylinder: This is IOC’s new smart LPG cylinder, will be able to see the level of gas, can exchange with old cylinder

Indane Smart Cylinder: Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has introduced a new cylinder for its customers. IOC says that it has been brought keeping in mind the smart kitchen. This new cylinder has been named Composite Cylinder. The specialty of this cylinder is that you will get to know how much gas is left and how much has been spent. 

Indane Smart Cylinder 

Indane composite cylinder is stronger and safer than an ordinary cylinder. It is made up of three layers. It is made of a blow-mold high-density polyethylene (HDPE) inner liner, covered with a layer of polymer-wrapped fiberglass and fitted to the HDPE jacket outside. 

The cylinders that come now are made of steel, the new composite cylinder has many advantages. let’s see

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Why Composite Cylinder is Smart

1. They are much lighter than normal cylinders. The reason for this is about half that of a steel cylinder. 

2. Some parts of the cylinder will be transparent so that you will be able to easily see how much gas is left in the cylinder. Accordingly, you can decide the next booking of gas 

3. The best thing is that it does not rust. There is no problem like scratching from anywhere in this. It does not leave any stains or marks on the floor

4. These cylinders are designed keeping in mind the modern kitchens

5. Presently the composite cylinders are available from select distributors in Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Faridabad, and Ludhiana. Nearby, which comes in 5 kg and 10 kg sizes. Soon it will be sold across the country. 

6. The 10 kg cylinder is only for the domestic non-subsidized category. Whereas a 5 kg cylinder is available under the domestic non-subsidized category through free trade LPG.

Can exchange with old cylinder 

If you want this cylinder, then you will have to pay a security deposit for this. The security deposit for a 10 kg cylinder is Rs 3350, while the security deposit for a 5 kg cylinder is Rs 2150. If you are an Indane customer, you can exchange your existing cylinder with a new composite cylinder. For this, the difference in security deposit will have to be paid. Composite cylinders are home delivery like normal cylinders. Indane’s distributor delivers it to your doorstep. 



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