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Petrol Diesel Price Today: Big relief from the inflation of petrol and diesel! Get the tank full quickly, know the value of your city

Petrol Price 08 August 2021 Update: There is relief news amidst rising inflation.  Government oil companies have given relief to the general public from expensive petrol and diesel for the 22nd consecutive day. There has been no change in the price of petrol and diesel across the country on Sunday as well. According to the website of IOCL, petrol in the capital Delhi is Rs.101.84 and diesel is Rs.89.87 per liter. Also, in the international market too, the prices of crude oil have declined this week. 

No speed seen since 22 days 

The price of petrol and diesel in the country was constantly touching the sky. Talk about the increase in prices in the last 42 days, petrol has become expensive by about Rs 11.52 per liter. Diesel has become costlier by Rs 9.08 per liter. But since May, there has been no change in the prices of petrol which has been increasing continuously for 22 days. 

Last change was on 17th July

It is worth noting that since July 18, fuel prices are stable. The last change in the price of petrol and diesel was seen on July 17. On July 17, petrol became costlier by 30 paise per liter but diesel rates were stable. Let us know today’s prices of petrol and diesel in major cities of the country. 

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Petrol Diesel Price on 8 August 2021

City Name Petrol (Rs/Litre) Diesel (Rs/Litre )

Delhi 101.84 89.87

Mumbai 107.83 97.45

Chennai 101.49 94.39

Kolkata 102.08 93.02

Bhopal 110.20 98.67

Ranchi 96.68 94.84

Bengaluru 105.25 95.26

Patna 104.25 95.57

Chandigarh 97.93 89.50

Lucknow 98.92 90.26

Central and state governments charge heavy taxes

Central excise and state taxes account for 60 percent of the price of petrol, while it is 54 percent in diesel. Central excise duty on petrol is Rs 32.90 per liter, while that on diesel is Rs 31.80 per litre. Petrol and diesel prices usually change daily, based on benchmark international crude prices and foreign exchange rates.

See for yourself the price of petrol and diesel in your city

You can also know the price of petrol and diesel through SMS. Indian Oil IOC gives you the facility to send RSP and your city code to the number 9224992249 in your mobile. The rate of petrol and diesel in your city will come immediately on your mobile. Each city has a different code, which the IOC gives you on its website.



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