Sunday, January 29, 2023

Unique offer from Toyota! Buy Brand new Fortuner instead of corn and soybeans

Japanese auto company Toyota Motors has started a unique payment system. Under this, you will no longer need to pay cash for the Fortuner. Now you can take the Fortuner home instead of corn and soybeans. In this country of South America, a historic step has been taken by Toyota. Know everything about this special offer. 

Unique payment system launched

Toyota’s Brazil operation has introduced this unique payment system. In order to increase the sales among the customers of rural backgrounds, the company has started taking payment of its selected models in maize and soybean. 

How will the payment be done?

Toyota Brazil has named this scheme Toyota Barter. According to the report of Motor1, to take advantage of this scheme, agricultural customers will have to get corn or soybeans equal to the cost of the car. However, the price of both soybean and maize will be the same for the company.

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New scheme expected to increase sales

Toyota claims that 16% of its direct sales in Brazil are from rural or agricultural customers. In such a situation, its sale is expected to increase further with this new scheme. But there is also a screw in this scheme.

The terms and conditions in the scheme also

This scheme, which accepts Toyota’s payment in maize and soybean, also has terms and conditions. Before giving the car to the customer, the company will check whether the person is certified for farming or not, secondly whether his corn or soybean is of sustainable plantation and good quality.

Which vehicles are on offer?

This Toyota Brazil scheme is available on only a few models. This includes the Corolla Cross SUV or the SW4 SV apart from the Hilux pickup truck. The SW4 SV is the same vehicle that the company sells as the Fortuner in India.



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