Sunday, January 29, 2023

This Amazing Phone is launching, Screen will automatically be 6 to 11 inches, know full features

Huawei has patented another smartphone that has a rollable display. Recently, the news of a phone with Arc Display came into the discussion. Now the new patent reveals another futuristic Mate model with a rollable display and triple camera setup. As per the LetsGoDigital report, Huawei has patented the new device which sports a wrap-around display that covers the front side and most of the rear panel as well. Let’s know the special things about it…

Phone to tablet

Its most important thing is that the display can be pulled from the front side to one side, which increases the display to small tablet size. It is being told that the screen can be pulled on the ride side. 

Screen will be from 6.5 inches to 11 inches

The 6.5-inch display can reach a size of up to 11 inches to achieve the tablet format. This is basically the shape offered by modern foldable smartphones. It looks quite practical in appearance. It is expected that such a phone can be launched in the Mate series. The lack of hinge and folding mechanism can also ensure that there are no creases on the surface of the display as well.

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There may be a display camera on the front

There could also be a display camera technology on the front, while the rear offers a triple camera setup. Let me tell you, it is still a patent. It is not yet known whether the company is working on it or not.

Samsung has recently launched a foldable phone

Samsung has recently launched a foldable phone. Apple is also planning to bring a foldable phone. According to the reports, a foldable phone can come in the iPhone 14 series. But the rolling phone is heard for the first time. Which is patented by Huawei.



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