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Check your palm for hand lines that indicate the field you will succeed in

It is also recognized through Hast Rekha in which fields a person can achieve good success by pursuing a career. The line that runs from the bracelet to Shani’s mount takes up a significant amount of space.

Hand lines not only predict the future but also warn of potentially harmful events. Apart from that, palmistry can reveal which profession a person should pursue a career in or in which sector he will succeed. The location of the numerous mountains on the hand is crucial in this regard. Today, you can tell a person’s career path based on their palm line.

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Palmistry can help you figure out your job path.

If the moon is rising in the palm, the person will become well-known in fields such as art, writing, journalism, and literature.

If the mountains of Mars, Sun, and Mercury are well-raised, the person will achieve significant success in the field of medicine.

If the Sun Mountain in the hand is fully formed, the person is hired by the government. If a guy runs a firm, he will make a lot of money working for the government, on contracts, and so on.

Mount Venus’ favorable position ensures a person’s success in the world of fashion and glamour. These individuals make a lot of money working in these fields.

If a straight line is drawn from the bracelet to the Mount of Saturn, the person becomes an extremely powerful officer. He also commands a great deal of respect.



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