Saturday, April 1, 2023

Rajyog in Palmistry: Budhaditya Yoga is formed not only in the horoscope but also in the hand!

Rajyog in Palmistry: In palmistry, some Raja Yogas made in the palm have been described as very auspicious. Out of these Budhaditya Raja Yoga is the main one. Just as the planets form Budhaditya Raj Yoga in the horoscope, similarly the lines, mountains, marks, and numbers in the palm form Budhaditya Yoga. This yoga is made in the hands of very lucky people. The person in whose hand Budhaditya Yoga is formed gets immense wealth and fame in his life. He is very famous. Such a person gets a high position, respect, and money, especially in politics.

This is how Budhaditya Rajyog is formed in the palm

If Sun and Mercury mount together in the hand, then Budhaditya Yoga is formed. However, such a situation is rarely seen. From above, if not only Sun and Mercury mountain are meeting in a person’s hand, but it is also fully developed, then such a person gets immense physical happiness. That person lives like a king. He gets a high position, prestige, position, money everything on the strength of his ability. Such people are very dedicated to their career.

The person is handsome, intelligent and attractive 

The person in whose hand Budhaditya Raj Yoga is formed is very beautiful in appearance, attractive, and also intelligent. He also has amazing foresight. Such a person has a lot of money. In other words, there is never any shortage of money in their life, rather they lead a very luxurious life. They make their own identity in society. They are very active socially and get immense popularity.

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