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Grow organic vegetables at home, know the process

Organic Vegetables: Growing vegetables at home is very easy. You will not even have to buy seeds of some vegetables from the market because they will be available at home.

Eating seasonal vegetables is very beneficial for the body. The summer season is about to go and winters are about to come. In such a situation, you should know about the fruits and vegetables of the coming season. If you are fond of gardening, then know which vegetables you can sow in the month of September, which you will be able to enjoy only after two-three months.

What is the first thing to do to grow vegetables?

According to experts, in the month of September, the temperature usually starts decreasing and moisture starts coming in the weather. For gardening, you need to take special care of it. If the temperature in your area is up to 30-35 degree Celsius then you can start sowing vegetables for winter. To make potting, mix cow dung, sand and vermicompost in the soil. Keep in mind that sand should be 30 percent, vermicompost 40 percent and soil 30 percent. Then you can sow these vegetables.


You can plant different varieties of cabbage in your garden. First of all, mix potting in a pot or medium-sized bag. After this prepare small grow bags of paper. Then place the small grow bag in the big grow or pot at an equal distance. Plant the seed in it. Then after about 6 days, the seeds will start sprouting. After a month, the cabbage plant will be ready. Then you plant it in different pots. Then in two-and-a-half months, your cabbage will be ready.

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If you have dried coriander then you don’t even need to buy seeds. Wrap the dried coriander in a cloth and mash it lightly. After this, small seeds will come out from inside it, which you plant in pots. Cover the seed with a layer of soil from above and water it. Coriander will sprout after a few days.


To grow tomatoes, first prepare tomato plants. First of all, fill the potting mix in a grow plate or a small bottle and plant tomato seeds, and spray water. After some time, when the seeds start sprouting and the plant becomes big, then you can transplant it. Water the tomato tree twice a day and fertilize it twice a month. You can eat these tomatoes after two-three months.

Green pepper (Green Chilli )

To plant a green chili plant, first dry the green chili in the sun and take out its seeds. Remember that after the green chilli plant grows up, you will have to transplant it. Plant them like coriander seeds.

Bell pepper (Capsicum )

You can take out the seeds of capsicum and sow it directly. There is no need to buy them in the market. First, prepare the plant by sowing the seeds of capsicum in a big pot. Then transfer them to different pots. After regular fertilization and watering, your crop will be ready after three months.



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