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Bank introduced special Salary Plus Account Scheme for government employees, will get benefits up to 1 crore

Salary Plus Account Scheme: BOI introduced the Salary Plus Account Scheme for government employees. Customers of this Salary Plus account are getting benefits up to Rs 1 crore for free.

There is good news for government employees. Bank of India (BOI) has launched a special scheme for government employees. The bank has introduced a special Salary Plus Account Scheme for the employees. Under this, employees can get benefits up to Rs 1 crore for free. Bank of India has given this information through its official tweet. Let us know in detail about this special salary account. 

Salary plus account scheme

According to the information given by Bank of India (BOI) on its website, there are three types of salary account facilities under the Bank BOI Salary Plus Account Scheme. This scheme is for paramilitary force, central and state government employees, university, college and public sector undertaking, and private sector employees. That is why there is no hassle of maintaining a salary account. This facility is available only in the salary account.

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Free accidental insurance up to Rs 1 crore

In BOI Salary Plus Account Scheme, customers get many facilities. Under this scheme, the bank gives accidental death cover up to Rs 30 lakh to the customers having salary account. According to the tweet of the bank, free air accident insurance of Rs 1 crore is being given to the salary account holder.

Will get many facilities 

1. Under the BOI Salary Plus Account Scheme, the facility of overdrafts up to Rs 2 lakh is available on the salary account.

2. Under the overdraft facility, even if there is no balance in your bank account, you can withdraw up to Rs 2 lakh.

2. BOI is giving Gold International Credit Card to the salary account holder for free.

3. Apart from this, customers will get 100 checks to leave free annually. Also, AMC charges will not be levied on Demat Accounts.

private sector salary account

Most importantly, employees of the private sector can also take advantage of the salary account of the Bank of India. Those earning Rs 10,000 a month can open a salary account under this scheme. There is no minimum balance requirement. The salary account holder gets a group personal accident death insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh. In this, everyone gets free global debit cum ATM.



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