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In the midst of fears about a third wave, there’s good news for kids: the Pfizer vaccine is effective on them

Pfizer claims that its Covid-19 vaccination is effective in children aged five to eleven years old. By the end of this month, the business will petition the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use clearance.

Washington: Despite fears of a third wave of the corona, the wait for a corona vaccination for children may be over. Pfizer claims that trials on children aged 5 to 11 years old were successful. It’s possible that this vaccine will be given to children after receiving approval for emergency use.

Corona will provide protection to children?

Pfizer said on Monday that its Covid-19 vaccination is also effective in youngsters aged five to eleven. In this regard, the corporation will seek approval from the United States. Pfizer’s move is significant in the field of childhood immunization. Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech developed the vaccine, which is now accessible for youngsters aged 12 and up.

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Children in primary school were used in the study.

Because the onset of the pandemic coincided with the opening of schools, vaccination of children has become more crucial, as the delta variant infection spreads quickly in children, posing a serious threat. Pfizer tested vaccination dosages on primary school children using very modest amounts. This is only a third of the recommended dose. According to Pfizer Senior Vice President Dr. Bill Gruber, after the second dosage of this vaccine, the antibodies combating coronavirus infection in children aged five to eleven years were as robust as those reported in adolescents and youth.

Approval by the Food and Drug Administration is still pending.

Dr. Bill Gruber stated that the amount provided to youngsters has proven to be safe and that they are experiencing the same side effects as teenagers, such as general fever and hand pain. “I believe we’ve arrived at the appropriate location,” said Gruber, a pediatrician. By the end of this month, Gruber said, the business would apply to the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use of the vaccine in children aged five to eleven years. The company will also request permission to use the vaccine with European and British authorities.



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