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IRCTC is planning a trip to Goa, therefore this fantastic package has arrived; learn more about the cost and specifics

Package for IRCTC Tours in Goa: The special offer from the IRCTC is for three nights and four days. You would have to pay Rs 11,990 for this. The package includes reservations for AC trains to explore the attractions as well as transportation from the railway station to the hotel.

In the imaginations of travel and marine enthusiasts, Goa has always sparked a lot of interest. Its highlands and breathtakingly beautiful sea beaches draw visitors from all over the world. Goa is also well-known as a honeymoon hotspot. People who have happily roamed here believe that whatever is written in praise of it is less. If you’re planning a trip to Goa with family or friends in this situation, IRCTC has a fantastic vacation package for you. ‘Glorious Goa X Mumbai’ is the title of the song. Please inform us of this tour package.

the start of the voyage
IRCTC has a great offer for three nights and four days. You will only have to pay Rs 11,990 for this. You must first travel to Mumbai. Every Friday at 11.05 p.m., the Konkan Kanya Express departs from Mumbai CST railway station. This train will take you to Thivim Railway Station in North Goa the next day, where you will be able to sleep peacefully. The package’s partners will then transport you to the pre-arranged hotel. All package holders would be offered a site-scene of North Goa after some relaxation.

This will be visible in North Goa.
Candolim Beach, Bagha Beach, Anjuna Beach, Dona Paula Beach, and Calangute Beach are among the best beach settings in Goa. After dinner and rest, you will be brought back to your hotel, and the next day, everyone will be taken on a South Goa tour.

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Destinations in South Goa
Following breakfast in South Goa, you will have the opportunity to explore Miramar Beach, Old Goa Church, and Mangeshi Temple. Passengers will also have the opportunity to take a cruise on the Mandovi River. Following that, you will be transported to your hotel. After dinner and a night’s relaxation, breakfast will be served the next morning. After that, you’ll return to Mumbai via Thivim train station.

Be aware of the strategy.
To return from Goa, third-class air conditioning and second-class sleeping accommodations are available. These coaches are available to anyone who can afford the plan. You will be transported from the railway station to the hotel as part of this package. Simultaneously, a system of air-conditioning vans will be deployed for the site scene.

If you haven’t received any packages, pay closely.
If you’ve never been to Goa before, you may make the most of your visit by meeting some of the renowned people that live there. Chico Fonseca of Panaji and Maria Fernanda are two such folks who may be found in Betim. Every year, hundreds of students attend his cooking seminars to learn how to prepare new foods.

If your travel dates are flexible, you can also explore Fontainhas and Chopdem Village, Goa’s Portuguese-era Latin Quarter. When it comes to other stunning Goa locations, you may relax and enjoy the unique ambiance of Verlem, Panjim, and Chopdem.



  1. I want to know more about tour to GoA. I am interested in this package. My preferred date is 15 December. Is it available from New Delhi also


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