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Horoscope October 04, 2021: The fate of these zodiac signs is going to change from Monday, these 5 benefits will be with the benefit of money

Horoscope 04 October 2021: Your face will bloom with happiness on Monday. Women’s section is expected to get special benefits. Time is quite good for rupee-money transactions. Property-related matters will be resolved. Proposals can also come for married natives.

Your luck will change completely on Monday. The troubles of sorrows in your life will disappear and your face will bloom with happiness. Your confidence regarding work will be very good. Let us know from Chirag Daruwala, son of astro guru Bejan Daruwala, how Monday is going to be for you.

Aries: On Monday, you will live up to the expectations of the family members. Keep yourself ready for any new change. Will enthusiastically complete business plans. Time is very good for money and money transactions, it will be beneficial.

Taurus: Monday is going to be good for you from a financial point of view. Income will increase. You should avoid trying something new in the business. There can be resentment due to a lack of desired progress. Pleasant conditions will be created in the family.

Gemini: Your day will be mixed. There may be some changes in your favor in the workplace. You will benefit from the women’s section. Will make up the mind of business expansion. A difficult road will be easier with the help of experienced people.

Cancer: Monday is the best day to move forward. You can get a chance to help other people. New deals will be helpful in business expansion. Property-related matters will be resolved. Good marriage proposals can come for marriageable people.

Leo: Your day is going to be very good. Your concentration will be at its peak. There will be opportunities to gain money. Businessmen can take loans to further their work. There will be progress in the direction of employment.

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Virgo: Monday will be good for you. Try to increase your social circle. Give more importance to finance-related work in business. You can be called for an interview in the company of your choice. Runaway and get work done in any field.

Libra: You should emphasize expanding your circle. It will be beneficial for you. At this time, keep your focus on investment-related work. You will try to adopt shortcuts in work which will be harmful.

Scorpio: You will benefit from helping others. If you want to start any new work then do it. The coordination of family members will give you the courage to move forward. Income will increase. Political matters will be resolved.

Sagittarius (Sagittarius): Monday can be excellent for you. Your confidence regarding work will be very good. This is the time when you are getting benefits in different areas of life. There will be an increase in wealth in the family. There are chances of increasing the rights in the job.

Capricorn: Your day is looking good. If you help the needy then the path of your progress will open. Will get every work done in a good way. Business people may have to go out of the city for a deal.

Aquarius: Monday will bring definite results for you. You will get new sources of income in business. There will also be circumstances for additional income. You will get the full cooperation of the boss in the field.

Pisces: Monday will give favorable results for you. Many profit opportunities can come up. People doing business related to finance will make profits. You will get full results of hard work in the means of livelihood. You will get respect in the field of the job.



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