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Online fraud: If online fraud has happened to you too, then you can get your money back like this

Online fraud: Incidents of online fraud have become very common. If there has been an online fraud with you or someone you know, then in this way you can get your money back.

Nowadays, online fraud cases are heard every day. During the lockdown, there has been a significant increase in cases of cybercrime like online fraud. According to a report, in the last 1 year alone, more than 2.7 crore people have been targets of identity thieves. 

Fraud happens by stealing personal information

Thieves are fearlessly stealing money from people’s accounts by extracting personal and sensitive information. Theft of money in online fraud is very serious because after theft there is no option to get the money back. Nevertheless, there are some easy steps that you can follow to avoid online frauds. Apart from this, even if you have become a victim of online fraud, your money can also be returned.

This is how fraud

To carry out fraud on the Internet, hackers create fake websites that look absolutely legitimate. According to the rules of the bank, the victims of such theft can get their stolen money back. For this, bank account holders should immediately give complete information related to that transaction to the bank. 

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What does RBI say

According to RBI, if there is any kind of fraud during your online transaction. So your loss can be limited or you can avoid loss, provided you have to notify your bank immediately. 

This is how you can return the stolen money

Most banks have financial fraud insurance for their customers. In case of fraud during a money transfer, customers should immediately inform their bank. After notifying the bank, the fraud will be reported to the insurance company immediately, limiting the risk to the customer. In this way, you can get your money.

Late informing may result in loss

Banks usually recover losses within 10 business days. Unauthorized transactions are usually reimbursed by banks and insurance companies. For this, the customer has to inform his bank within three days of the fraud or fraud transaction. If a customer does not inform the bank within three days of the loss, he may suffer a loss of up to Rs 25,000.




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