Monday, September 25, 2023

Now the card will not be needed for traveling in the metro! DMRC is introducing a new facility

Delhi Metro: Now you will be able to easily pay the fare for travel in the metro with your bank’s debit or credit card. The latest automatic fare machines are being installed for this by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

If you also travel by  Delhi Metro, then there is news of work for you. Now traveling by metro will now be easier than before. Now you will not need to take tokens or recharge a smartcard for traveling by metro. Now you will be able to pay the fare for traveling in the metro easily with your bank’s debit or credit card. The latest automatic fare machines are being installed for this by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Let’s know about it. 

New AFC at 44 Station

Under this new rule, apart from smart cards, you will be able to pay metro fares through debit and credit cards, Near Field Communication (NFC), QR code-based ticketing mobile phones, and paper QR tickets. For this, DMRC has started installing Automatic Fare Collection i.e. AFC system at 44 stations during the fourth phase. That is, soon you will get this facility. Apart from this, the AFC gates installed at the existing station will also be updated.

This facility is on the airport line

A DMRC official said that the new system will encourage more digitization of services apart from cashless and human error-free transactions. Metro Corporation is also upgrading the AFC firmware. With this, passengers will be able to use their credit or debit card as a smart card. This facility is currently available only on the Airport Express Line in the capital.

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All bank cards will be accepted 

Let us tell you that at present this facility is available in some metropolitan cities like Kochi and Nagpur. But here only debit/credit cards of particular banks are taken. DMRC’s system will accept transactions from all banks through the RuPay portal. The new system will also help in creating more ‘fare zones’ in the metro network. 

Rent can be paid in these ways

1. Smart Card

2. National Common Mobility Card

3. Mobile Based NFC (Near Field Communication Ticketing)

4. Mobile QR Code Based Ticketing

5. Paper QR Ticketing

Now penalty will be deducted from the smart card

DMRC spokesperson said that under this new system, penalty deduction will also be possible through smart card. At present, a passenger needs to pay the inflated price at the time of exit. For this, the passenger has to go to the customer service window. In this new system, a penalty can be paid only through a smart card. 

Let us tell you that DMRC will also integrate the Point of Sale (POS) terminal with ticketing machines in the customer service at Phase-I and II stations. In this smart card can also be recharged from POS.



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