Monday, October 3, 2022

Delhi Metro: The Delhi Metro’s pace was slowed down by thieves; the issue will continue all day; Read this news before your trip.

Delhi Metro Blue Line Service Disrupted: When the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line service was interrupted, people in the nation’s capital Delhi encountered problems. After the Metro service between Yamuna Bank and Indraprastha was interrupted at 8 am, when the majority of people had already left for work, the problems among the people escalated. Cable theft on the downline section connecting to Vaishali/Noida Electronic City is affecting Blue Line services, and the problem won’t be fixed until the service is suspended at night.

Started by discussing a signaling issue


Following the cable theft, there was a track circuit drop (signaling issue), which had an impact on the metros’ operations. After that, trains on the Yamuna Bank and Indraprastha section were only allowed to operate manually at a maximum speed of 25 kmph.

Only after the service is discontinued during the evening will the issue be resolved.

Since it could take up to three hours to get to the track to find the exact site of the wire theft, this won’t be fixed until Delhi Metro services are suspended tonight, July 19. To let the passengers know about this, frequent announcements are broadcast inside the Blue Line’s stations and trains. In addition, Delhi Metro has disseminated this information via social media.

Delhi Train Service-Newsstore24

The Blue Line is one of the biggest lines.


One of the biggest lines in the Delhi Metro, the Blue Line, is busy during business hours. People are having trouble as a result. Multiple trains are backed up behind one another due to the slow service between Yamuna Bank and Indraprastha station.

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