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If you also have an SBI account, you can request a cash advance of Rs. 20,000 on such a call

Banking Services at Your Doorstep: If you have an SBI account, you can request Rs 20000 by just calling from your house. This can be done using SBI’s door-to-door banking service. Understand the entire procedure.

The Reserve Bank of India, the country’s largest government bank, is trusted by the vast majority of Indians. If you have an SBI account, this information is solely for you. You don’t need to go to the bank or the ATM to withdraw or deposit money any longer. You can request the cash from the comfort of your own home by simply dialing a phone number. SBI’s service is known as Doorstep Banking (DSB) Services. Customers can use this facility to make transactions up to Rs 20000. This door-to-door banking service is subject to some restrictions.

You can order 20,000 rupees from the comfort of your own home.

Registration for the doorstep service is required, according to the SBI website, at the home branch. The maximum amount of cash that can be withdrawn and deposited is Rs 20,000. In that instance, using the doorstep service, you can ask for or deposit 20,000 rupees in a single day while sitting at home. Apart from that, doorstep banking offers services such as checkbooks, life certificates, demand draughts, and deposits.

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There is a fee for doorstep banking.

Joint, non-individual, and minor accounts will not be eligible for SBI’s new doorstep banking service. This feature, on the other hand, will not be provided if the customer’s registered address is within a 5-kilometer radius of the home branch. Rs 75 + GST would be charged for financial and non-financial services in doorstep banking.

A smartphone application, a website, or a call centre can be used to register for the doorstep banking service. You can also register by dialing the toll-free number 1800111103. Customers can get additional information by going to https://bank.sbi/dsb.

* In the DSB App, register in this manner.

* Install the Doorstep Banking App.

* Fill out the registration form with your mobile phone number.

* This system will produce an OTP and send it to your phone.

* In the DSB app, enter this OTP.

* Accept the terms and conditions by entering your name and email, as well as your password (PIN).

* During registration, the DSB app will send you a welcome SMS.

* For more information, log in with your PIN.

* There is also the option to add an address to this, in addition to entering the address. You can add multiple addresses to the DSB App and save them.



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