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Please pay with care! Many rules, such as banking, trains, and LPG reservations, have altered as of today! Will have a direct financial impact on you

Changes that will take effect on November 1, 2021: The month of November officially began today. And there have been many such developments since the beginning of the month, all of which will have a direct influence on your life and finances.

The month of November (November 2021) has begun. Many significant changes have occurred since today that will have a direct impact on your wallet (Changes From Today). Many restrictions in the sectors of banking, cooking gas booking rules, and trains across the country have changed as of today, November 1 (1st November 2021). These changes will have an impact on both your wallet and your life (Changes from 1 November).

1. From today on, a lot of things will change!

From today on, there will be a fee for depositing and withdrawing money from the bank. That is, even depositing money now has a fee. The requirements for booking gas cylinders have also changed significantly. A modification in the Railways’ timetable has also occurred. Tell us what has changed since today.

2. Train schedules will be altered.

There has been a change in the timetable of trains across the Indian Railways as of November 1st, i.e. today. Originally, the train schedule was set to change on October 1, however owing to unforeseen circumstances, the date has been pushed ahead to October 31. The revised schedule, however, will take effect on November 1st. Let us inform you that the schedules of 13,000 passenger trains and 7,000 freight trains have altered. Not only that, but the schedules of roughly 30 Rajdhani trains operating across the country have changed as of today.

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3. Cost of an LPG Cylinder

The price of an LPG gas cylinder has increased by Rs 266 as of today. However, it is reassuring that the price hike has only affected commercial cylinders, with home LPG cylinders remaining unchanged. Please be aware that LPG domestic gas costs (LPG price) may be raised. According to media sources, the government may increase the price of LPG cylinders again due to the decline in LPG sales.

4. Procedures for reserving gas cylinders

The entire method of LPG cylinder distribution has altered as of today. Customers will receive an OTP to their registered mobile number when booking gas starting today. When the cylinder is delivered, you must provide the delivery boy with this OTP. The customer will only receive the cylinder delivery once this code is matched with the system. As a result, you will no longer be able to use a direct cylinder.

5. Whatsapp will be disabled.

Apart from that, WhatsApp will stop working on select iPhone and Android phones as of November 1, i.e. today. According to WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned network will no longer support Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, iOS 9, or KaiOS 2.5.0 as of today.



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