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CCTV Footage: Biker entered a clothing shop in high-speed, but women’s survived

Viral Video: Thousands of videos are going viral on social media these days, one of them is going viral, after seeing which you will be surprised.

Viral Video: When luck is bad, the dog bites the person sitting on the camel, but if the luck is good, then the person also comes out from the mouth of death. Such sayings are definitely repeated when some such incident is seen. One such incident was seen on the Internet when a person entered a clothes shop with a bike at high speed. The horrifying moment was captured in the CCTV footage when a speeding motorcycle lost its control and rammed inside a clothing store, leaving even the customers stunned. Just before the bike stops, three customers sitting near the counter inside the shop get up and try to run away.

The person entered the shop with a bike at high speed

According to media reports, the incident took place around 8.30 pm on Monday night at Ravichettu market in Khammam district of Telangana. Caught in the CCTV footage, 4 people are seen sitting inside the shop. 3 of them are seen as customers, while the fourth person is an employee. A few seconds later, an uncontrolled Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle rams into the shop at high speed and the bike driver falls on the counter due to the impact of the collision. Fortunately, all four people survived the accident and the bike driver also survived without any major injuries.

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What is the main reason behind the accident?

According to the reports, the accident happened due to the failure of the brakes of the motorcycle. The biker, who apologized for the accident, said he lost control of the vehicle after the brakes failed. The report further states that the police have seized the vehicle and started an investigation into the incident.



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