Monday, May 23, 2022

Users using Google Chrome, beware! Hackers are preying on innocent people in this way; the government has issued a warning

The government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has identified vulnerabilities in Google Chrome and advised users to upgrade their browsers as soon as feasible. Let’s get the word out…

The government has issued a warning to anyone who frequently uses Google’s Chrome browser to visit the web. The government’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), which is part of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, issued a ‘high severity warning. In a report, CERT-In stated that various vulnerabilities in Chrome have been discovered, which can be used by cyber attackers to execute arbitrary code on users’ PCs.

These flaws were brought to light.

V8 has been determined to contain vulnerabilities owing to type misunderstanding, according to CERT-In. Hackers can also acquire access to personal data and inject malware onto victim machines, according to the agency. Google has already patched these flaws in its recent Chrome update, and CERT-In has advised users to upgrade their browsers as soon as possible.

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The firm stated something along those lines.

Google said it has released 22 types of security patches to close loopholes and prevent hackers from remotely managing users’ computers while also protecting their privacy. “External researchers” drew attention to these enhancements.

According to Google, the stable build of the widely used browser is 96.0.4664.93 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the coming weeks, Microsoft will roll out an “Extended Stable Channel” for Windows and Mac.

How to Update Google Chrome:-

– Launch Google Chrome.

– There are three dots in the upper right corner; click on them.

 – A menu will appear. About Google Chrome

 – When you click the button, the browser will display the build and begin updating (if any updates are available)

– The user will be prompted to restart Chrome. Doing Do will release an updated browser that will provide enhanced security against online threats.

Users can also verify the Chrome browser’s version. They must go to Help -> About Google Chrome by clicking on the three dots.



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