Saturday, January 28, 2023

5 such things in Goa that are absolutely free for you this new year

If you are planning to travel somewhere in the new year, then there can be no better place than Goa. This time there are some such things in Goa that are absolutely free. 

Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches. The special thing here is that playgrounds have also been made in the sand where relaxation can be done. If you want to take a sunbath after swimming in the sea, then you do not have to spend anything. 

You can explore the fort for free  

There are many forts in Goa that you can explore. If you are interested in Cliff Side Fort then you can adventure in Chapora Fort, Tirakal Fort, Korjum Fort Race Magos Fort, Mormugao Fort. Here you can go absolutely free. 

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Goa has more than one church 

If you are interested in historic churches, then there is more than one church here. Celebrating the New Year in India’s oldest church, Bom Jesus, is a good experience in itself. Apart from this, you can visit the Sea Cathedral, Church of St. Francis, Church of St. Sejetan, Ma d’Dius Church for free.

You can also be fresh by visiting the waterfall  

If you do not like the beaches of Goa, then you can also explore the waterfalls. Doodh Sagar Falls is one such place in Goa where you can feel nature for free. 

Nightclub parties can be included for free 

If you want to enjoy the nightlife of Goa, then you can also experience it for free. There are such night parties in nightclubs in which you can join for free. As the evening falls, these parties take place on the sand on the seashore. For this, you can feel the best nightlife of Goa at Baga, Palolem, Arambol Beach.  



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