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Even if you run the air conditioner all day, your electricity bill will not rise! Take note of these helpful hints.

This summer, you can run your air conditioner comfortably day and night because we are going to tell you about some great tips that will allow you to keep your electricity bill low.

With each passing day, the temperature rises as well. He likes to keep the AC on all the time to keep cool in this scorching heat. Although the electricity bill does not rise as a result of the tension, people are afraid to leave the air conditioner on all the time. Today, we’ll tell you about some great tips that will allow you to run your AC day and night without worry, and your electricity bill will not rise as a result.

Perform this task prior to turning on the air conditioner.

Before turning on the air conditioning in your room, make sure that all of the windows are closed, as well as the door. Install curtains on the windows as well, so that sunlight does not heat the room during the day. When using air conditioning, avoid using electrical appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, and so on, as they generate a lot of heat. Turn off these devices before turning on the AC, and if you must use them, turn them back on after the room has cooled.

Don’t forget to connect this device to a power source.

When using air conditioning in your room, try to keep the room fan on as well. Let us tell you that by doing so, the AC air from the fan will reach every corner of the room, reducing the need to lower the temperature of the AC significantly. When you do not lower the temperature of the air conditioner too much, the power consumption will be slightly lower, which will be visible on the electricity bill.

The AC should be set to

According to research, every degree of temperature increase saves approximately 6% of electricity. This means that the lower you keep the temperature of your AC, the longer its compressor will work, causing your electricity bill to rise. So, if you keep the air conditioner set to its default temperature of 24 degrees, you can save up to 24 percent on electricity.

Electricity will be saved by having your AC serviced.

To save money on your electric bill, it is also critical to have your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis. In fact, due to dirt buildup in the AC’s ducts and vents, the AC has to work harder to deliver cold air to the room. Removing the dirty filter and replacing it reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioner by 5-15 percent. Aside from that, by servicing the air conditioner, it can be saved from being damaged and repaired.

You can save money on your electricity bill even if you run your air conditioner all day if you follow these simple tips.

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