Monday, June 27, 2022

After Musk’s takeover, the business may fire the CEO, but it will have to pay Rs 321 crore in compensation.

Following Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, speculation regarding the future of the company’s CEO, Parag Agarwal, has begun. According to media sources, after the acquisition of Twitter, Parag cautioned staff that the company’s future is uncertain under Musk’s leadership. Nobody knows where the company is heading right now.

If Parag is removed, 321 crores will have to be withdrawn as well.

In November of 2021, paid Parag took over as Twitter’s CEO. According to the research firm’s assessment, the corporation will have to pay Parag $42 million, or Rs321 crore, if he is fired before the year is out. It’s barely been 5 months since Parag was promoted to CEO of the company. After Jack Dorsey’s resignation in November, he was named CEO. Before continuing to read this news, you may voice your opinion in this poll…

Parag is being slammed by users.

Parag has also applauded his team’s performance in a tweet, but his reply has sparked speculation about his exit from Twitter. Memes about Parag are also being shared on social media.

What was Parag’s reaction to Twitter’s sale?

Following Musk’s purchase of Twitter, Parag stated, “Twitter is relevant and effective all over the world.” My team makes me proud. Parag has been with Twitter for ten years, and before becoming CEO, he served as the company’s Chief Technical Officer.

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Users on social media trolls

Users on Twitter are ridiculing Musk after he bought Twitter. — Your bio could alter in a few hours, according to a user named Sahil Rizvi. Mitt Kevin, a financial specialist, tweeted that if Tesla eliminates Parag, it will donate $ 42 million. Tech Corporate is one of those places where you get compensated even if you fail.

IIT Bombay was my place of study. Parag Agarwal received his doctorate from Stanford University after studying at IIT Bombay. He was named Chief Technology Officer of Twitter in 2018, succeeding Adam Messier. Parag previously worked for Microsoft Research and Yahoo.

Dorsey created Twitter with three friends in 2006.

On March 21, 2006, in San Francisco, Jack Dorsey and three of his teammates started Twitter. He went on to become one of America’s most successful technology entrepreneurs. Apart from Parag, the CEO positions have previously been held by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Dick Costlow.



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