Wednesday, June 29, 2022

LIC Dhan Sanchay Policy: LIC launches a great policy, invests immediately after seeing the benefits and knows the details

LIC Dhan Sanchay Policy: With customer interests in mind, LIC has launched a tremendous plan. As part of this policy, policyholders receive many significant benefits. Please let us know the details of the policy.

 Launch of LIC Dhan Sanchay Savings Plan: LIC will provide you with a plan from time to time. Once again, the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India has launched a new insurance policy called the Dansanchai Savings Plan. This program has been open to investors since June 14th. In other words, you can invest from June 14th. Under the LIC Dhan Sanchay policy, when a policyholder dies, the family receives financial support during the insurance period. In addition, income is guaranteed during the payment period after the insurance period has expired. 5-15 year plan

 According to LIC information, the guaranteed benefits of this particular policy will be offered during payment after the due date of the plan. Guaranteed severance pay will also be paid. The duration of this plan is from 5 years up to  15 years. Receive bond benefits. Not only that, it also offers increased income benefits, single premium level income benefits, and single plan features. Rental trucks are also included. In it you can also buy a rider. LIC has introduced four options

 LIC has introduced four options to this plan. In case of death, an insurance amount of Rs 330,000 is available under Plans A aLIC Dhan Sanchay Policy
nd B. In Plan C, the minimum insurance amount is 250,000 rupees, and in Plan D, the minimum insurance amount in case of death is 22,00,000 rupees. No maximum premium limit is specified for these plans.  Know eligibility

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To apply the  LIC Dhan Sanjay Yojana policy, the minimum subscriber age must be 3 years, Option A and Option B 50 years, Option C 65 years, and  Option D up to 40 years. This means that age groups from 3 to 40 can invest in it.

 Purchase plan

 If you also want to purchase LIC Dhan Sanchay Police, you can purchase offline through agents / other intermediaries, or you can visit the website and purchase directly online.

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