Monday, February 26, 2024

Important news regarding Go First flight cancellations! flights will not fly

Since its financial situation has worsened, the Go First airline has decided to cancel all of its flights through July 6. The corporation made a statement about this. One after another, the airline is extending the window for canceling flights. Since May 3, no flights have been operated by the airline that is undergoing an insolvency resolution procedure. The cancellation period has been prolonged numerous times since that time.

Go First

Many topics were thoroughly covered.

Senior GoFirst management members had in-depth conversations about various issues of the company’s revival with the representatives of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Go First flights proposed till July 6 have been canceled for operational reasons, the firm tweeted.

Go First

Discussion of various revival-related issues

Earlier, the press quoted sources as saying that the DGCA (DGCA) would study the Go First paperwork about the rehabilitation plan. will do a readiness audit before approving the restart of operations. With DGCA representatives, GoFirst Management reviewed several components of the restoration plan. The Wadia family-owned airline GoFirst is going through voluntary insolvency proceedings.

Go First

According to sources familiar with the situation.

The airline’s interim CEO Kaushik Khona and resolution specialist Shailendra Ajmera gave a thorough presentation on the resurrection plan to the DGCA. Following the verification of the relevant documentation, the DGCA will carry out an audit to evaluate the airline’s operational readiness. The audit, according to the source, is anticipated to start the following week.

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