Monday, May 27, 2024

Bank Fraud Alert: Threat on Android users of 17 banks including SBI, this virus is stealing banking details

Android Banking Customers Alert: 17 banks including the State Bank of India have issued an alert to their customers to avoid falling prey to the virus. Let us tell you that there is a big threat to the details of the customers of the banks.

What is Drinik Android 

Recently Drinik has seen a new version of Android. This version is said to be many times more dangerous than its old version. Its target includes 17 different banks in the country including SBI. It very easily steals customers’ banking details as well as their personal data. It is known that Drinik is an old malware, which came to the fore in 2016.

Let us tell you that the Government of India had already issued a warning to Android users about this malware that steals much information of users in the name of generating income tax refunds. Drinik is a sophisticated form of malware that targets users by attaching an APK file to an SMS. This includes the iAssist app, which functions as India’s official income tax management tool.

According to a report targeting customers

The most recent version of this malware includes the APK iAssist.The Income Tax of India takes the form of an official tax management tool of Income Tax. Once installed on the device, the APK file asks for permission to read, receive and send SMS, apart from reading the call logs of the users. Additionally, it asks for authorization to read and write to external storage. Once a user gives permission, the app allows users to do something without being asked.

If it steals your PIN 

The malware will present an authentication screen for biometric verification before displaying the login page to the victim. The malware records the screen using media projection to record the victim’s keystrokes and takes the biometric PIN when the user enters a PIN. The C&C server receives the stolen information after that.

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