Friday, September 30, 2022

Cybersecurity Advice: Bear these things in mind when browsing the web! never fall victim to online fraud

Cybersecurity advice: Use social media or any other publicly accessible platform with network etiquette. Make sure not to violate any laws.

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Cybersecurity Advice: Over the past few years, digitalization has accelerated rapidly in India. Today, the internet is used for everything. Cybercrimes have rapidly increased in number as social media and the Internet have become more widely used. The government periodically provides information for its cyber awareness in such a situation.

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The Home Ministry’s Cyber Dost has provided some advice on how to protect yourself from online cybercrime. Let’s discuss these suggestions.

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Whenever using social media or any other public platform, practice network discipleship. Make sure not to violate any laws. Additionally, avoid sharing photos or information that is incomplete or misleading.

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Periodically, the government reminds people not to share their personal and financial information on social media, including their Aadhaar number, PAN number, bank account number, credit card PIN, and debit card PIN.

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Make a strong password for your social media accounts. Avoid using your name, birthday, anniversary, etc. as a password. Also, keep your password and other information private.

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Do not accept friend requests from people you are not familiar with. Additionally, never ever divulge any of your private information.

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