Friday, December 2, 2022

Can a USB cable be used to empty a bank account? Not even you are utilising it.

Through USB cable, charges mobile devices, computers, and tablets. There are charging stations available in the metro, on trains, and in many other public locations. With a USB cord, a bank account can be emptied.

Today, USB cables are used for charging devices other than smartphones, such as tablets, computers, and power banks. A universal USB cable is being made by the central government. In other words, only one USB cable will be needed to charge all the gadgets. Do you realise that it can also drain your bank account in this way? Use it with caution to avoid losing thousands of rupees. Over time, scammers also modify the scanning procedure.

USB cables

Juice jacking explained

A phrase of this nature is juice jacking. Through a USB cord, data theft is accomplished. This may result in both data theft and bank account theft. Juice jacking, to put it simply, is the term used to describe scams carried out through USB cords. Any form of scam is possible. This covers, among many other things, data theft, unauthorised photo and video theft from smartphones, SMS theft, and contacts and SMS theft from smartphones. Through a USB cord, this fraud is possible.

With a USB cord, a bank account may be this empty.

Do you want to know how to use a USB cord to withdraw money from a bank? We must inform you that USBs cannot be used to directly withdraw money. People use public spaces and metro trains to charge their smartphones via USB while commuting. Hackers use smartphones to shoot pictures and movies in this scenario. If you conduct banking on a smartphone, use caution. You may use this trick to charge your phone for nothing.

Defend in this way

Juice jacking can be avoided in a variety of ways. When it comes to the primary approaches, there are several safety measures involved. Never use direct USB charging for cellphones, laptops, or any other device in a metro or public area. Use your charger rather than a direct

data cable protector

if you wish to charge your smartphone in a public location. If at all feasible, carry a power bank. There are a variety of potent power banks on the market. This allows you to charge your smartphone once and use it several times. If someone requests your permission when using a direct USB to charge, decline it.

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