Monday, October 3, 2022

Kanika Mann: This actress blocked her father after he uploaded some provocative images and added, “I don’t know what will happen.”

There will be some glitz and action this time around in season 12 of the reality series “Khatron Ke Khiladi.” Along with many other celebrities, this performance will also feature small-screen actress Kanika Mann. Recently, a picture of Kanika Mann, better known as TV’s Guddan, in a bikini went viral on social media. With the knowledge that you will likewise be astonished, something quite intriguing has now been revealed about this picture.


Papa was prevented.
Before posting this picture, the actress really blocked her father. In order to prevent his father from viewing these photos, he did this. Kanika herself has made this information public. She admitted to blocking her father before posting images of herself in a bikini to a news website. I didn’t, however, block my sister. She continued to peruse my photos for this reason. The father inquired as to why he was unable to see my image in relation to this.


Fans frequently ask inquiries
He added that the sister had told the father that she was unable to see because she was not putting the images where they should be. The actress goes on to say that she instantly unblocked and hidden the photographs after this. When the show premieres, the actress stated she will have to vanish since she is unsure of how she will deal with her father. During the interview, Kanika also mentioned how her admirers had been contacting her nonstop asking whether she had taken a vacation since these photos went public.


Let us inform you that Kanika Mann recently suffered an injury while this episode was being filmed. Kanika is succeeding in the show despite this. In this chat, he also mentioned that no competitor had left the show before. The programme will premiere on July 12th.

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