Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Policy Bazaar’s IT system hacked, the company told the customers – your data is safe

Hackers have gained access to Company Policy Bazaar’s IT system. This information was provided by Policy Bazaar’s parent business, PB Fintech. The company said that Policybazaar had received a complaint on July 19 about certain glitches in a part of its IT systems, which are subject to illegal and unauthorized access. This error has almost been fixed. The company said that Policy Bazaar has contacted the concerned authorities in this matter and action is being taken as per law. Customers have been told by the corporation that their data has not been altered.

The company assured the customers that
The business stated that a thorough review is currently being done. In the reviews so far, it has been found that no tampering with the customer’s data has been done. The business added that PolicyBazaar has consistently placed a high priority on maintaining the security and integrity of its systems and has demonstrated a dedication to protecting consumer data. In compliance with the relevant laws, we will provide more updates on this.

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The policy market is currently facing a fall in stock.
For the record, PB Fintech-owned online insurance services provider Policy Bazaar was listed on the BSE on November 15, 2021, at a premium of 17.35 percent. It touched a high of Rs 1,470. Its share price, like that of many other publicly traded companies, has dropped, and it is currently trading at Rs 522.

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