Thursday, February 2, 2023

Diabetes Treatment: Patients with diabetes won’t need to keep injecting insulin.

Diabetes Treatment: Patients with diabetes no longer need to continuously administer insulin injections. In reality, scientists from Australia’s Monash University have developed a method for the body to re-produce insulin. Pancreatic stem cells are the mechanism of this system. The treatment of people with type-1 and type-2 diabetes may benefit greatly from it.

Utilized a medicine that was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration but is no longer used to treat diabetes. Through the use of this medication, researchers were able to revive pancreatic stem cells and produce “insulin-expressing” cells. Researchers looked at donated pancreatic cells from a type 1 diabetic patient.

Professor Sam Al-Osta and Dr. Ishant Khurana, both diabetes experts at Monash University in Australia, served as the study’s principal investigators. More research is still required, according to researchers, but if successful, the medication might be used to treat diabetes. By doing this, the type 1 diabetes-related cell loss will be replaced by the growth of new, insulin-producing cells.

According to a study that was published in the journal Nature, it was difficult for researchers to activate new pancreatic cells to replace dead ones. The widespread consensus is that the pancreas cannot be restored once it has been injured. As a result, with this technique, treatment success is possible.

Expert Advice

According to Professor Al-Osta, many of the pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin have already been lost by the time a person is diagnosed with type one diabetes (T1D). Professor Al-Osta asserts that individuals with diabetes have impaired pancreatic insulin production. The need for daily insulin injections must be met by patients. Transplantation of pancreatic islets is the only treatment that works. For the health of diabetic people, this has produced better results. However, because transplantation requires a donor, it is not frequently used.

Every day, on average, seven kids in Australia are given a diabetes diagnosis, necessitating frequent blood tests and insulin injections since their pancreas is not functioning properly. Get it. This causes an issue with the production of insulin.

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Describe insulin

Insulin serves our bodies well. Cells receive sugar from the blood through insulin, which also transports sugar to other regions of the body. Insulin’s delivery of sugar provides energy to cells. As a result, diabetic individuals receive increased insulin doses.

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