Monday, October 3, 2022

ADA Park: Businessmen sold ADA park in Ayodhya, to be constructed to show scenes from Ramayana carpet

Traders of land in Ayodhya have also sold ADA Park. A five km long park is to be built on the Saryu bank from Golaghat to Jamthara. The Ayodhya Development Authority had prepared a park between Parikrama Marg and Saryu. In this five-kilometer-long park, devotees will get to see the Ramayana carpet scenes.

Such looting of illegal business of land that even the proposed park of Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) was broken into pieces. In the submerged area of ​​Saryu, colonies started to be built on it. The entire land of the park is situated between 14 Kosi Parikrama Marg and the Saryu River. This park is also included in the master plan.

Along with planting Ayodhya Devaraya forest, work is going on to make it a Vedic city. In this Ramayana, carpet plants are being planted. There is a plan to provide the atmosphere of the Ramayana era to the tourists coming here. For this, natural scenes will have to be prepared here.

In the master plan, it has been decided to develop the land of Jamthara from Golaghat of Saryu Bank between Saryu and Parikrama Marg as a park. The park is planned to show scenes from Ramlala’s childhood activities to his visit to the jungle. Due to the submergence of the land, concrete construction is not possible here. It is from Golaghat to Jamthara. Up to five kilometers of land

By tying it on its banks, arrangements will be made for the arrival of devotees by road. The Sita Lake adjacent to it will be the center of attraction. Devotees reaching Ayodhya will be able to see a panoramic view from the banks of Saryu to Guptar Ghat, the pilgrimage place of Shri Ram. But the eyes of the illegal traders of the land fell on it.

Plotting and colony work is already being done in this area, but after the decision on Shri Ram Mandir, the whole city started settling here. After a long time, the authority’s eyes went on illegal plating and colony, then the work of demolishing them started a few days ago. Now the authority says that illegal plating and construction will not be allowed in this area.

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Parkland construction will be removed
The park is proposed between 14 Kosi Parikrama Marg and Saryu. In the master plan prepared by the Development Authority, a plan has been prepared to develop it as a park. No map has been passed by the ADA in this area. All illegal constructions on this land will be demolished. Illegal plotting and illegal colonies will not be allowed in this area.
Vishal Singh, Vice President, Ayodhya Development Authority.

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