Monday, September 25, 2023

Lumpy Virus: Knocking of ‘Lumpy’ in UP, cows in the grip of dangerous virus, alert in all districts

The lumpy virus has knocked in many districts of UP. The report has come from Gonda in Balrampur. Its effect is also seen in Sonbhadra. All the districts have been alerted. This disease is spreading in cattle

The Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) virus, which is wreaking havoc on cows and buffaloes in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, etc., has knocked in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. All districts have been alerted to prevent lumpi disease. Such cases have come especially in Gonda and Balrampur, whose reporting has also been recorded.

Lumpy Virus4

LSD is a contagious disease that is transmitted between a cow and a buffalo, then rapidly spread to each other. In this, lumps are formed on the skin of the animal. The skin gets damaged. It can cause weakness in cattle, loss of milk capacity in milch animals, abortion, infertility, enlargement of calves, pneumonia, peritonitis, lameness, or death.

In many other states, this virus is wreaking havoc, and lakhs of animals have died there. Now, this virus has knocked in UP as well. According to Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh, CEO, of UP Livestock Development Council, the disease has been reported by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly (IVRI) in Gonda and Balrampur districts.

Lumpy Virus3

Its virus has also been marked in Sonbhadra, but it has not been reported from there yet. However, in UP, the effect of this virus is visible only in cows. For this, the Chief Veterinary Officers of all the districts have been instructed to remain alert. If you see the effect of this virus, then inform us immediately. It is being told that this virus has knocked in many districts of western UP as well.

Lumpy Virus2

This disease spreads because of this
The disease is spread through direct contact with animal bite flies, mosquitoes, and lice. It can also be spread through contaminated food or water. Infected animals sometimes do not show symptoms for two to five weeks and then suddenly the disease appears. The special thing is that this disease does not spread from animals to humans. The disease first occurred in Zambia in 1929 and spread to African countries.

Symptoms of nodular disease
Animal body temperature up to 106°F, loss of appetite, reduced round, raised lumps throughout the body including face, neck, muzzle, eyelids, pneumonia due to lung infection, swelling of the legs, lameness, working in male animal capacity Goes. Doctors say that the probability of spreading this disease is 20 percent and the death rate is up to five percent.

Lumpy Virus

However, LSD outbreaks can occur rapidly within a radius of 50 km. The calf can get the infection from the mother. This effect is greater in cross breeds than in native cattle because they have thinner skin. The virus can also be passed to other animals through the semen of affected bulls.

Control measures
Isolate the affected animal. Kill flies, mosquitoes, lice, etc. Animal fairs, shows, and livestock markets were banned in the affected areas. Do not leave the carcass uncovered after the death of a diseased animal. Bury it in the ground and clean the entire area with disinfectant. The goat pox vaccine (live attenuated virus vaccine) can be used but is most effective only in healthy animals. Do not re-use such an animal’s treatment needle. Ringworm vaccination should be done within 5 km of the affected animal. Along with this, medicines, multi-vitamins, etc. should be given to increase the immunity of the animal. There is no harm in drinking the milk of the affected animal. However, milk should be boiled before drinking.

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Lump disease has been reported in some places. However, the situation here is not too bad for us. We are using Gote Pox Vaccine (Live Attenuated Virus Vaccine) in animals affected by this disease. Its effect is coming. – Dr. Indramani Director, Animal Husbandry Department, U.P.

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